The BPC establishes overall investment policies and directs the endowment’s financial managers accordingly. Reporting on endowment operations is provided to all ndau holders on a regular basis. ndau holders provide feedback through referendums so that management of the endowment adapts to the evolving considerations of all ecosystem participants.

On April 11th The Axiom Foundation engaged NAV Consulting to provide independent verification and accounting services to its endowment.

NAV consulting are recognized as a global leader in Fund Administration. Established in 1991 they work with all fund types and have over 2000 clients with AUA in excess of $170BN.

After completing onboarding this week (w/c/ April 25th), NAV Consulting were provided access to all relevant documentation, custodians and accounts owned by the Foundation so they can provide independent verification of the assets in the endowment as of March 31st, 2022. They will also be providing all necessary administration and accounting services going forward.