nlighten Task Completion Form

>>>July submissions are now closed and all submissions are currently being reviewed.
>>> New tasks will be posted on the ndau nlighten program page on August 4th.
>>> Rewards for tasks submitted in July will be paid on July 30th.

Task submissions are now closed for the month of July, and we’ll be taking a break until next month. It was an incredibly successful July for the ndau nlighten program, and all previous records were broken!

Over 300 different ndau influencers completed over 2,000 different tasks, and over 11,000 ndau (currently worth over US$300,000) will be distributed in rewards.

New ndau content created and shared by ndau influencers included:

  • 400+ YouTube videos
  • 500+ TikTok videos
  • 500+ Instagram videos
  • 300+ Reddit posts

Thank you everyone for participating. The ndau nlighten program will resume on August 4th. Please check back then to discover and earn more rewards!

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